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Family Systems Theory
Family Systems Theory is of many theories that focuses and helps one understand family system, one of the most important parts of our life, and how it works. It is based on the belief that family is a system comprised of various elements. In order for family to function properly, these factors must work efficiently and affectively. The factors are also linked with each other i.e. if one of the elements is affected than the other ones are affected as well. It also suggests that, members of the family cannot be understood independently, but rather as a part of their family. However, each family is different and behaves differently because of infinite personalities, emotions, philosophies cultural background etc. Since families and their traits tend also change or evolve over time, this theory also tries to explain how the change might affect the family as a unit. Family Systems Theory

The systems theory is based on 4 main concepts that are linked with one another: Family Homeostasis
Homeostasis is a process of maintaining balance. Since a family should be a functional unit, emotions, responsibilities, rules, limitations etc. of each member of the family must be in balance. These may be based on family’s economy, cultural background, community they live in, age of the family and its member along with other numerous factors. A sudden change in these factors may cause a family to move out from homeostasis and cause disorganization and chaos. For example, if there was a change in a member’s schedule, from evening to morning and weekends, who was responsible for preparing breakfast and doing laundry work, it might cause family to drift away from homeostasis since member could not fulfill these responsibilities. It depends on family itself on how there are going to deal with the situation but until then, the family drifts away from homeostasis...
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