Systems Requirements, Design and Implementation Specification

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Christopher Edwards
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Systems Requirements, Design and Implementation Specification IT425-1501B-01
Professor Jennifer Gaddy
March 2, 2015

Brief Description:4
Who is the Intended User?4
Project Sponsor:4
Functional Requirements:5
Nonfunctional Requirements5
Section 2: System or Application Design (Week 2)7
Section 3: Test and Quality Assurance Plan (Week 3)7
Section 4: Development Strategy (Week 4)7
Section 5: Integration and Deployment Plan (Week 5)7
Kronos Corporation (2015) Workforce Timekeeper. Retrieved on 2-21-15 from

Section 1: System or Application Overview (Week 1)
Brief Description:

The project I’ve decided to work on will be a Time Clock System. The clock will be able to manage a team of 10 people who will be working through multiple projects on a job. This clock will not only show how much time each person is putting into each project, but it will also allow the manager to run a report to show the times as well. The filters within will be able to separate by employee or by the job in question.

Who is the Intended User?

The intended users for this system are employees and managers. The employees will need to be able to clock in and out of specific projects in order to give accuracy to the system when the manager runs the report. The managers will also need to have the ability to clock not only themselves in and out, but the employees as well.

Project Sponsor:

The project sponsor is a small company that requests this system to be used separately from the time clock used for wages. Instead of showing how many hours an employee has worked, it will simply show the amount of time he/she has spent on individual projects.

Section 1: Requirements Specification (Week 1)
The managers have given us specific requirements. With more projects in the future possibly in the works, the time clock they have does not measure the amount of time a person has been working on a specific job. It only shows the times that the employee has clocked in or out and on what days. They would like to be able to see how long the employees are working on specific jobs as not to have conflicting scheduling in the future from one job to the next. Functional Requirements:

The following ideas will be considered Functional Requirements: Employees can clock in and out of certain jobs
Managers can clock in and out of certain jobs
Managers can clock employees in and out of certain jobs
Managers can run reports on all or certain jobs.

Nonfunctional Requirements

All employees and/or users of the system will need to be given a unique user id and passcode. The time clocks will need to be accurate for the system to work properly Each project will have to be created on the system so employees can change projects and clock in/out.

This project is going to be very simple. Since it will not be running all the time, a possible command line that writes to the database might be the best option.


Only queries that are predefined will be supported for the project. Also, employees are not allowed to run queries that they are not given access to (i.e. run reports).

One central time clock for projects will be used

With most of the projects being done require a lot of mobility, no person will be sitting at a workstation for an extended period of time. Therefore, there’s no need to store the time clock on a central server and have workstations for the employees to clock in at

Section 2: System or Application Design (Week 2)
For Employee Clock In:
* Select Clock In, Clock Out, or Run Report:
* Enter Employee ID:
* Enter Project ID:
* Employee 1 clocked into Project 2222 at 11:30 3/2/2015
For Employee Clock Out:
* Select Clock In,...

References: Kronos Corporation (2015) Workforce Timekeeper. Retrieved on 2-21-15 from
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