Systems and Multi Cultural Approaches p

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Systems and Multi-Cultural Approaches
Darla K. Parido
CJHS 400
November 17, 2014
Justina Smith
Systems and Multi-Cultural Approaches
Systems Theory Definition
The systems theory of psychology uses multifaceted systems to discover behavioral pattern and the human experience. “The technique relies on identifying specific behavior patterns and how each member responds to anxiety within the dynamic. By doing this, the individual participants can begin to understand and transform their patterns to more adaptive, productive behaviors” (, 2014 p. 1). Multicultural Approaches Definition

The Multicultural Approach to psychology is a “systematic study of all aspects of human behavior as it occurs in settings where people of different cultural backgrounds encounter each other” (Fhagen-Smith, 2014). Aging

The Approach – Although Juan is an elderly gentleman, he still has a desire to be an active member in his community by wanting to help at the local community center. With the recent loss of his wife and his children living far from him, he is very lonely. This loneliness and the inability to find work, was probably the leading causes behind the solicitation charges. He mentions that he is afraid that these charges will make people react negatively toward him because of his age. The approach I would use for Juan is the Gonzalez, Biever, and Gardner’s Social Constructionist Approach.

Why use this approach – I would use this approach for Juan because I would need to learn how his culture shapes his behavior and choices that he makes. For example why would he be more concerned about what people will think about his age then the actual solicitation charges? Having Juan discuss this will allow us to see how he views the situation. I also would use this approach because Juan has the capabilities for us to come up with viable options and attainable goals in order to solve the issues that are currently plaguing him. Juan has...

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