Systems Analyst

Topics: Problem solving, Critical thinking, Management Pages: 4 (1356 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Systems Analyst
Unit 1 Assignment
Sharon Clark
Dr. Michael McGivern

A systems analyst must possess a broad skill set from different arenas. The job of a systems analyst is to devise an information system that provides solutions to identified problems that a business is experiencing. The analyst must first determine the problems experienced through interactions with the users, executives, and vendors, then determine what types of solutions would resolve these issues. Once this is complete he/she needs to determine the project feasibility by analyzing the pros and cons along with the time and costs related to the development of the information system providing the solutions and then successfully present this information to upper management in a positive light via a systems proposal. If the project is approved then the analyst becomes the command center of everything involved in the development of the system, often being referred to as the “facilitator, moderator, negotiator, and interpreter for development activities” (Stair, Reynolds, p. 508). This process requires many skills to implement it successfully. This skill set would need to include critical thinking and problem solving skills, knowledge of business processes, and be able to communicate, multitask and prioritize effectively along with strong organizational skills. In addition to these skills they must have a broad range of qualifications including technical and hardware expertise along with development languages and technologies. The analyst must also have amicable personality traits in order to build strong customer relationships throughout the SDLC process and his/her career (Kendell, Kendell, p. 8). A systems analyst performs many roles. In order to be a successful systems analyst one must possess a variety of skills. The most important part is the role of problem solver which is necessary in identifying the problems needing to be resolved. One must be able to...

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River, NJ.  
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