System Requirement Specification

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Specific Requirements


The system shall be designed such that a user can query information stored in the databases. For example, candidate details etc The system shall be designed for easy navigation. Also each separate database can be modified to tailor a client’s needs. The system shall be able to provide all the system features as outline in section containing the objective.


The system shall enable the users to navigate and perform operations in an intuitive and easy manner. The user interface must allow the user to search for his details in a timely manner. Also, Administrators must access the system in a secure manner and the student information. However, they should have this capability during the business day but not affect the business operations of the institution.

The system shall be designed to be robust and be able to handle a large amount of traffic. The system must be able to handle improper user input.
The system shall be designed in a manner that is free of security flaws.

The system shall be designed to handle a large amount of traffic.

The system shall be designed for easy maintenance and upgradability. The system will be designed to handle a large and diverse load at peak times at the start of each semester. The system must continue operating at a constant pace with a maximum load.

Design Constraints

Online User Documentation and Help System Requirements

User Manual
A user manual will provided as a pdf document to staff. It will outline, in detail, the system’s functions.

Online Help
System documentation will also be available online, it will include the user manual, FAQ section and an email support system.

Installation, Guides, Configuration and Read Me File
The installation guide and configuration guidelines will be provided as part of the Read Me file which is included as a .txt file.

Labeling and Packaging
The software will be...
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