System Analysis Design

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The new generation about computer blooms in our day. It is the binding fact that computers are very productive, more efficient, and make our personal and professional lives more successful. In every year, technologies continue to rise up, people must be aware in the development of the technologies to easily come up in the flow of the new generation. Computer is an electronic device that can store data, process retrieve and can also be programmed with any instruction. Computers can do just about anything and it really excel in certain areas. Enrolment is an exciting day for every student in elementary, high school, or colleges. It is the most expected activity after summer vacation. But contrary to the expectations of the enrollees, enrolment has posed problems and hassles because it has become tedious and taxing. Sometimes the students’ leave it to their parents and other members of the family to enroll them. The unsystematic procedure of school during enrolment is now dreaded by them. Instead student enrollees have to stand and wait of finishing it in an hour or two, sometimes students are made to come back the next day or even after a week so that they can be officially enrolled. All these have posed a problem which alarm this group of researchers and decided to pursue in resolving the enrolment problem by designing and implementing a system of enrolment which is computerized for smooth and less problematic flow of enrolment in the Gosi High School. As students, and as researchers we decided to develop a well programmed system that will build up the enrolment system for the school of Gosi High School

Objectives of the Study
General Objective
                Our general objective is to develop the proposed system entitled, “Computerized Enrolment System of Gosi High School” that will address the school’s file-handling, and generation of forms and other documentation. In addition, proponents would also want to lessen man-power workloads and minimize time consuming enrollment activities. Specific Objective

                We are specifically aimed to introduce to the said school the beauty and functionality on using electronic devices such as computers on helping them to compile and manage records on enrolment season, and to propose the computerized system on handling student’s records to avoid mishandling, redundancy, and to prevent records on getting old and damaged by natural calamities like rains, storms and heat.

Scope and Delimitations of the Study
The proposed Computerized Enrolment system design covered the major process in Gosi High School namely: registration of the current and incoming students class scheduling and sectioning assessment of fees, files maintenance and reports needed (registration form, assessment slip, student master list, and other forms and reports essential to design). In addition, requisites for new student (Birth Certificate, Good Moral Character And Form 138) will be recognized in system design data base by checkbox. Since one of the specific objectives of the proponents is to improve computer literacy of the community of GHS, the design system would allow for user accounts which are the Student, Accounting, Registrar and Directress. Student user account would only access in their personal records. New student will be called enrollee that can handle adding records of their own while old student will only update their previous record. This will act as registration of student to be enrolled. Accounting and registrar account will engage in their particular job mainly transaction of students record end payments. On the other hand, directress user account can access every feature of design system proposal. The proposed designs also incorporate the processing of student’s personal records, especially the mode of payment student will choose. The design proposed system has the ability to verify...

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