System Analysis and Design Proposed Titles

Topics: Calamba City, Cabuyao, Laguna, Laguna Pages: 4 (1088 words) Published: July 14, 2013
Group 1
Alar, Marvie Ellaine C.
Lopez, Rose Shane Gil I.
Peńaescosia, Casmelyn S.
Rayco, Adrian M.
Roxas, John Mark Angelo C.

1. Project /Proposed Title:
An Inventory System for the payment monitoring of the residential owners’ monthly dues of Ceris 3 Homeowners Association Inc. – Calamba, Laguna Client:
Ceris 3 Homeowners Association Inc, Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna Client Background:
Ceris 3 Homeowners Association Inc. is the association that handles Sitio Ceris 3’s marketing, management, and selling of homes and lots on the said subdivision. Currently they have no heads in their Association but an OIC (Over-all in Charge). Their office is located at Phase 2, besides the sitio’s chapel. Every month they collect “butaw” or monthly dues worth P300 to 192(as of 2013) residential owners of Ceris 3. This monthly dues are allocated for the sitio’s maintenance of Light Posts, Street sweeping, Basketball courts, playground, etc. Problems Encountered :

Ceris 3 homeowners Association handles over 200 residential owners. This population grows in a span of time. Ceris 3 has more than 20 streets. Those streets have 20 or more residential houses. With this it is hard for them to monitor each residential owner with their monthly dues payment. What is their monitoring? They have an old metal drawer. Each drawer contains a thick clear book. Each clearbook is assigned to a Street. Each page of this clearbook contains 1 residential owner with their monthly paid dues, either instalment or full payment. And it has a duplicate paper. In short, they manually monitor, invent and audit the payment of their residential owners. Because of these it is hard for them to monitor each of it resulting to unpaid monthly dues. It happens because residential owners are not aware of their dues because the C3HOA do not have inventor thus, resulting to deficit budget for maintenance. Project Introduction:

Ceris 3 Homeowners Association Inventory System or C3HAI...
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