System Analysis and Design

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Chapter I (Introduction)

Project Overview

Inventory is any quantifiable item that you can handle, buy, sell, store, consume, produce or track. This covers everything from office and maintenance supplies to raw material used for manufacturing, to semi-finished and finished goods, to fuel used to power equipment used in the business.

Nesabel Corporation uses a manual inventory which is very time consuming and difficult to do, so with the computerized inventory system the company will save time and effort. Inventory system can help improve the way to handle stock, asset, purchasing, and shipping. The inventory system supports updating the inventory information for all items, monitoring inventory depletion and importing and exporting inventory information to and from external systems of record.

With the computerized inventory system the company can easily determine the products that are out of stock and it can easily monitor the in and out of the product. It is very convenient to use and will be very helpful to the company in providing a good customer service.

Statement of the Problem

General Problem:

Unorganized record of Products

Specific Problems:

Not identifying shortages ahead of time. It happens all the time. A business needs a number of products or materials but discovered that they do not have enough in stock and must re-order. Waiting for the shipment to come in can slow down the supply chain process. Not having enough products in stock to meet customer demand can lead to bad customer relations. A supervisor in charge of inventory management should look over their inventory on a regular basis to make sure enough products are in stock.

Excessive inventory in stock and unable to move it quickly enough. This is probably the most common problem for most businesses. If a company buys an amount of product for their inventory and they do not move it, there will be overstocking of items and this will result to expiration of products especially to perishable goods.

Time consuming. It takes time to make inventory report for it is hard to find and search for the products that is out of stock.

Objective of the Problem

General Objectives:

The study aims to develop an Inventory System that is capable of complying to the needs of a business, in managing and organizing the products.

Specific Objectives:

To have an Inventory System that lets a company monitor the products.

To have an Inventory System that the business can determine the appropriate ordering times for inventory replenishment with inventory management system. System allows for controls to be set that determine stock levels for reorder, ensuring the business always have enough products to meet demand.

To have an inventory that saves time and effort in making an inventory report. It can produce faster and accurate result.

Scope and Delimitation


The proposed inventory system is managed primarily through tracking. Systems are put in place that monitors available products. The proposed system can easily search for the product in case of needing the information of it.


We only made an inventory system that manages the in and out of the product. It does not cover anything that deals with their sales.

Significance of the Study

The inventory system will benefit the following:


It will help the company to have an organized and presentable inventory.


It will be easier for the supervisor to make inventory. It will also be less time and effort and will have accurate results.


The costumer will not worry if the products are out of stock because the products are well monitored in the system.

Methodology of the Study

Direct inquiry relies more on a first hand data gathering method. It maybe in the form of an interview, a questionnaires or a correspondence. This involves not only the writer’s skills in writing, but also his skills in relating...
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