Swot Analysis

Topics: Overfishing, Aquaculture, Freshwater Pages: 9 (1581 words) Published: October 31, 2008
SWOT Analysis /Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats/

Marine fishingFreshwater fishingAquaculture productionProcessing and marketing of living aquatic resources

StrengthsLower quantities of catches of natural resources of marine fisheries than the marginal allowable catches

Existing pelagic fish resources

Existing mollusk resources (sea snail/Rapana and black mussel)

Existing specific resources (sturgeon, turbot)

Existing good level of land and water control by state authorities

Highly qualified scientific experts in the field of ichthyology and hydrobiology are available /tradition in research and education/

Existing good partnership between the fisheries administration and the scientific organizations

The catches are optimal and there is no negative influence on the population of species

Existence of natural local species fish including delicacy species (Wels catfish, pike, pike perch)

Existence of valuable species like sturgeon

The freshwater fishing has good economical indicators

Good tradition in angling

Traditions in conservation and supporting of the sustainable development of the fish populations including restocking

Traditions in the scientific research activity of the internal waters and the River DanubeEnvironmental conditions and water quality are excellent for growing of fresh-water species

Existence of water objects with unused capacity opportunities in fishery economical relation

Improved quality of marine waters during the last years and increasing production through expanding the species of marine aquaculture;

Good tradition and experience of net-cages fish production in big dams

Favorable natural conditions attract foreign investments

Human resources potential

Permanent biology monitoring in natural water basins and fish breeding farms

Applying of well developed environmentally friendly production technologies for farming of freshwater species;

Good developed technologies for intensive and super-intensive cultivating of freshwater species;

Diversification with high market value species (sturgeon, crayfish);

Not fully used opportunities for fish breeding in the existing fish breeding farms Low cost of labour
Marine fishingFreshwater fishingAquaculture productionProcessing and marketing of living aquatic resources Weak-nessesLack of ocean /long-distance/ fishing fleet

Old and amortized fishing fleet which urgently needs restructuring

Insufficient port infrastructure

Not well-developed rules for optimal use of aquatic resources potentialities;

Insufficient financing of fisheries research institutes and scientific projects

Inefficient catching sector and high proportion of inefficient, old, and small vessels;

Extensive, widely distributed coastal fleet, with low level of technology, excessive fragmentation of fishing enterprises;

Weak organization of the sector

Low diversity of fishing productSerious pollution of Danube River waters by the chemical industry

Insufficient fishing sector and high percentage of inefficient old small fishing vessels

Low demand of some species results in fishing at subsistence levels

Insufficient port infrastructure

Insufficient scientific researches during the years of transition to market economyIneffective use of the production capacity of many of the biggest aquaculture farms

Irrational and ineffective general multifunctional use of state owned dams, as well as of middle and small dams of municipalities ownership as multifunctional facilities Need for reconstruction of production facilities /outdated installations/

Limited access to financial resources

Insufficient state financial support for production sector in respect to save and develop breeding population of genetically clean, prolific and productive lines

Environmental pollution

Low quality of fish feed having negative impact on environment

Some of the fees...
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