Swine Production

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Swine Production

Not many people know the effort that goes into pig production, or the stages. There are three main areas to every swine facility. Each maintains a distinct purpose. The three stages work together efficiently to raise the swine to market weight. Over a period of time pigs participate in farrowing, finishing, and gestation. This is how we would create and run a swine facility.

The gestation house in our facility consists of sows, gilts, and boars. Sows and gilts wait on one half to be bred or where they wait before giving birth. The other half is just boars. Within each gender there are separations to discourage fighting and to help maintain a clean environment, which is also due to the waste management system. Below the gestation house, and every other area where swine are housed, is a 6 foot drop where waste falls to and is and swept away every 12 hours through water released.

Our farrowing house has individual crates for each sow and her piglets. They are placed in separate section of the pins. Mother is left in the crate next to the piglets. An opening is placed between the two, leaving room for the piglets to nurse. The piglets take about 2- 3 weeks to be weaned. After the piglets are born, they are taken to a Work-up area, to be clipped, to be given shots, and ear notched for identification. The ventilation is included in all different sectors of the facility. It ensures that the air is clean and also cooled for the swine’s comfort and health.

Our finishing house includes 8 sections of 50 or less piglets contained. In the center of every area there is an automatic feeder. Feed is given 24 hours a day, on release. The piglets are about 90lbs at first, and given feed to build their fat, and muscular bodies. At 225- 250 lbs, they are taken to the closest slaughter house.

The design of our facility will be most efficient due to these terms. They will lead to a higher quality production rate. The facility will not only keep...
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