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The Glass Roses
1. I would like to know if Stephen ends up pursuing his childhood dream or if he throws it all away just to be accepted by his father. 2. “You got to start actin’ like a man if you want to hold down a man’s job,” (page 1, 3rd paragraph) 3. The glass roses in the title are symbolic to having your own ideas and being yourself and how doing so could be very beautiful. Stephen is heavily influenced by his father and wants the features of his workers by doesn’t want to leave his childish dreams and ideals behind. 4. The setting is Stephen trying to be someone he is not by requiring him to be built and mentally prepared but he is too young for his surroundings. Stephen has been in the forest for six weeks, to which the gale force winds howl as he lies in bed. 5. The story captures our attention because it shows us how Stephen is going through hell in order to complete his task. It relates to the theme because it shows us the conditions he is living in to show that he is worth it in his father’s eyes and that he isn’t a quitter. 6. The plot is centered on the conflict of Stephen’s two choices of either living his “childish” dreams or living up to his father’s expectations and becoming a woodcutter. 7. Leka: Leka had disheveled hair “The polka ran his fingers through his disheveled hair.” “His eyes were so bleak with fear.” 8. The story is told in third person view. This view is very effective because it describes other characters other than the protagonist better. 9.
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