Sustainable Supply Chain Management: State of the Art

Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Supply chain, Sustainability, Logistics, Sustainable development / Pages: 8 (1944 words) / Published: Aug 17th, 2013
Sustainable Supply Chain Management: State of the Art
Sarker Rafij Ahmed Ratan PhD student (1st level) University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Visiting research fellow , CERRAL, IUT Lumiere Lyon 2, France. Email: Supervisor : Dr. Mijanur Rahman Treasurer , University of Dhaka Professor, Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dr. Aicha Sekhari ,
Associate Professor IUT, University Lumiere Lyon 2, France.

Dr. Syed Akter Hossain, Professor
Post Doc. Fellow , CERRAL, IUT, University Lumiere Lyon 2, France.

Dr. Abdel Aziz Borus,
Professor IUT, University Lumiere Lyon 2, France.


Presentation outline
Background Introduction Objectives of this study Methodology of this work Sustainability: pros and cons SSCM: Conceptualization of this issue Conclusion References

Our world - Big reason to worry !!!!


Who are responsible for this?



planet….…Green/Sustainable We want our planet Green/Sustainable


Introduction & Objectives
Sustainability is a very vital issue which receives key attention in the media, press, journals, business and academic research arena. Most of the conversation and argument is ambiance the environmental impact that happened on the organizational supply chains. Objectives : to show a state of the art regarding Sustainable Supply Chain Management(SSCM). to provide an overview of multifaceted discussion of SSCM by different authors and establish a conceptual basis of this discipline.
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Methodology of the study
For this study we follow the Systematic Literature and Analyzed Articles approach. Considering the increasing number of books, journals, conferences and work-shops . The systematic literature review has become an indispensible method.

Following steps are followed for research issue development :
(Research Process from -vom Brocke et al. 2009, Webster and Watson 2002, Frank Teuteberg and David
Wittstruck, 2010)

References: (Contd.) Seuring M, Muller S (2008), Core issue in sustainable supply chain management- a Delphi study. Business strategy and the Environment 17(8): 455-466 United Nations. 1987: "Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development." General Assembly Resolution 42/187, 11 December 1987. Access date: 06-05-2010. Vom Brocke J, Simons A, Niehaves B, Riemer K, Plattfaut R, Cleven A (2009) Reconstructing the giant: on the importance of rigour in documenting the literature search process. In: Newell P, Whitley E, Pouloudi N, Wareham J, Mathiassen L (Eds.) Information systems in a globalizing world: challenges, ethics, and practices, Proceedings of the 17th European Conference on Information Systems, Verona. Webster J, Watson R (2002): Analyzing the past to prepare for the future: writing a literature review. Management information system Quarterly 26(2):13-23 Yuang, A.; Keilkiewicz-Yuang, A., (2001): Sustainable supply network management. Corp. Environ. Manage. 8(3), 260-268. Zhu, O.; Sarkis, J.; Geng, Y., (2005): Green supply chain management in china: Pressures, Practices and performance. Int. J. Oper. Prod. Manage. 25(5) 449468. 23 sra_sscm_ull2 24 sra_sscm_ull2 25 sra_sscm_ull2

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