Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Topics: Supply chain management / Pages: 5 (1970 words) / Published: May 31st, 2015

Name: Aamir Pirwany
Title: Sustainable Supply Chain
Instructor: Surjit Rai
Course: Mark 451
Date: July 12, 2013

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
Introduction 3
Supply Chain Management 4
Traditional vs. Sustainable 4
Competitive Advantage 5
Challenges Building Sustainable Supply Chain 5
Conclusion 8
Bibliography 9

Executive Summary
This report starts with the introduction of Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) and the difference between traditional and sustainable supply chain management. It also explains the competitive advantage for the company 's that incorporates SSCM across their supply chain. It also explains how difficult it is to incorporate the SSCM across the supply chain and what steps should be taken to meet the objectives of SSCM. Finally in the end it provides the conclusion of this report of how important it is for firms to follow SSCM.

Sustainable supply chains are the companies that are involved in producing, manufacturing, distributing, etc. of a product; these companies keep economical, social, and environmental concerns in mind before producing or distributing any product; so that they can contribute, through best practices, towards a green environment and provide value to the society. According to Google book of "Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Practical Ideas for Moving Towards Best Practices" authors defines sustainable supply chain management as " Thus, a real definition of sustainable supply chain management must take account of all relevant economic, social and environmental issues" (Balkan Cetinkaya, 2010). Most companies, especially multinational companies, are involved in producing environmental friendly products and they encourage all of their suppliers as well to do the same; Apple, Clorox and Unilever can be considered as one of those companies. "Apple, for example, conducts rigorous on-site audits to ensure that suppliers comply with its code of conduct—and if a violation is unearthed, the

Bibliography: Gary L. Hanifan, A. E. (2012, 10). Why a sustainable supply chain is good business. Retrieved 07 12, 2013, from Accenture: Harms, D

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