Sustainability Multiple Choice Questions

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Chapter 23 Multiple Choice Questions

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The term sustainability refers to ________.
maintaining resource use at current or higher levels
keeping the natural environment and human society in a happy, healthy and functional state C)
holding or increasing the current quality of human life
always focusing on fulfilling short‑term needs
opposing change from current policies
23.2 Sustainable development

The current use of fossil fuels versus the need to develop new renewable energy sources is an example of ________. A)
how short‑term needs are in opposition to long‑term sustainability B)
two different goals that are not in opposition
governmental vision competing with economic practicalities
two unrelated and independent but positive environmental goals E)
an issue that will never be resolved
23.2 Sustainable development

The United States, with less than 5% of the world's population, now consumes ________. A)
10% of the world's energy resources and 20% of its total resources B)
30% of the world's energy resources and 40% of its total resources C)
50% of the world's energy resources and 60% of its total resources D)
70% of the world's energy resources and 80% of its total resources E)
90% of the world's energy resources and 90% of its total resources Objective:
23.4 Consumption, population, technology, and sustainability

Our consumptive lifestyles are ________.
a new phenomenon on Earth
sustainable if we use technology properly
consistent with the lifestyles of previous generations
not impacting the environment due to environmental regulations E)
not likely to impact the ability of developing countries to obtain natural resources Objective:
23.4 Consumption, population, technology, and sustainability

Sustainable development involves ________.
reducing consumption, increasing efficiency and using renewable energies B)
larger buildings using stronger design and materials
developing better transportation by building more roads
using all resources at maximum rates
searching for more deposits of fossil fuels
23.2 Sustainable development

A reason for the "economy against environment" mindset is ________. A)
the difference in salary between environmental watchdogs and corporate CEOs B)
CEOs are usually Republican and environmental advocates are Democrats C)
industrialization and urbanization have broken the connection between ourselves, our economies, and our natural environment D)
industrialization has had several positive impacts on local ecosystems E)
command‑and‑control environmental policy may be too costly for industry and infringe on private owners' rights Objective:
23.3 Environmental protection and economic welfare

Environmental protection can positively affect local economies by ________. A)
eliminating current excess jobs
creating jobs that will attract companies from other sectors of the economy C)
increasing short‑term costs to existing and future businesses D)
having businesses move out of the area to locales with less‑stringent environmental protection E)
having citizens move out of the community in order to find employment Objective:
23.3 Environmental protection and economic welfare

One key to reconnecting ourselves with nature is to ________. A)
continue our current rate of resource use until we are forced to return to a more localized agrarian society B)
consider and value the...
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