Topics: Abuse, Gerontology, Psychological abuse Pages: 7 (1510 words) Published: August 18, 2015

Program Report
Soulaine Destinval
Jason Skeens
February 23, 2015

The family system crisis that will be discussed in this paper is Elder Abuse. There are many programs to help victims of Elder Abuse and consequences to those who commit the act. This paper about Elder Abuse will include the type of family system in crisis the program was designed to help, the mission and design of the program, services that are delivered, intervention strategies, evaluation of the program and last if the program is effective or ineffective. Programs such as The National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse is designed to help elderly individuals who are at risk of being abused, and who are actually being abused by a caregiver. Elder abuse “may be physical, mental, emotional, or sexual” according to Area Agency on Aging of Pasco & Pinellas, Inc. (2013). The individual who commits the acts of Elder Abuse is usually a care giver which is usually “ a family member, an in home paid worker (certified nursing assistant), a staff person in an adult daycare program or nursing home, or another person” according to Area Agency on Aging of Pasco & Pinellas, Inc. (2013). This type of family system for Elderly Abuse is design to help elderly men and women in need. These programs are necessary especially for individuals who do not have family to care for them and for those who need more assistance with the care of a family. These programs also help the elderly senior become aware of elder abuse. Some individuals do not even know that they are at risk of being abused or even abused because they do not know the different type of abuse. Elderly abuse is not just physical, but there are other factors that conclude the abuse. The mission of the program National Committee for the prevention of Elder Abuse and the Area Agency on Aging is designed to help the victims, to educate, to help the prevention of the abuse from occurring again, and to overpower the crime of Elderly Abuse. The mission is also to spread the word about this crisis so that other are aware of this issue. The mission is to help the individual that are most at risk such as the older the person the greater the risk, the physically disabled and mentally impaired, and those men and women who depends on the care of another. This is why it is imperative that individual are educated on what abuse consist of. For the individuals who are mentally impaired or physically disabled it is important for nurses and doctors who come on the outside to check in on that individual to look for physical indicators, behavioral indicators and environmental indicators. Physical indicators are signs of sexual abuse, signs of drug overdose, physical marks, blood or bruises from private parts on bodies. Behavioral indicators such as avoiding eye contact, depression and being withdrawal about self. Environmental indicators are signs of the elderly individual being dirty, housing not clean, necessity to live not offered. Last but not least another issue of elderly abuse is financial exploitation. According to National Center on Elder Abuse (2015) financial exploitation is when items and cash are missing from the elderly individual, sudden changes in the financial condition such as suspicious changes in the will and power of attorney. The elderly bills not being paid and delinquent status are other factors of some abuse and neglect of the caregiver which are major signs as well. The main mission is to prevent and educate the elderly of the signs of abuse so that they do not become a victim. Elderly senior being educated on the different factors that conclude in elderly abuse is very important. Some individuals are not aware of the abuse and this is why it is very imperative that other organization such as nurses, doctors and other individuals in the community are aware of signs that reference an individual being abused or taken advantage of. These programs are designed with...
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