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1. a)
Since the growth of our consumer culture and mass media in the last decade, consumers have been able to easily access the Internet from a computer or mobile phone at almost anytime. Finale has done a great job by taking advantage of this new web-based world of ours. After carefully examining and analyzing the responses to the survey questions given by Finale to its customers, I believe management has taken only the first step into improving its business functions. The good news is, customers respond to in store requests more often than not. However, the question remains, is this input in the form of a survey or review? In this case it is in the form of a survey, and after carefully analyzing the responses given by Finale’s customers, I have discovered some useful information to guide management actions. Based on my analysis of Exhibit 1, I believe Finale’s guests seem to be more couple oriented. Also, 41% of the respondents indicated that they visit Finale less frequently, which seems to hint to a bigger issue. 92% of its customers order only desert, which is clear that they only go there for such. However, customers even expressed their unfavorable opinion about the desert based on the Word Cloud list. “Lower”, “prices”, “dessert”, and “better” were only some of the most common words that’s customers shared. This reflects the desire for lower prices and more desert options. 51% of the respondents were extremely satisfied when asked if the food and beverage met their expectations, and based on their reasoning from the following question, “delicious”, “tasty”, “good” and “great” were the boldest on the Word Cloud list. 1. b)

The “how likely would you be to return to Finale” question is definitely one that I would like to analyze more acutely. In a previous question on the survey, which asked how often they visit Finale, 41% of the respondents said less frequently and 21% once a month or once a week. 64% would more likely return to Finale, yet I...
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