Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3

Topics: Developmental psychology, Discrimination, Childhood Pages: 10 (3807 words) Published: June 2, 2011
a. Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors. The range of personal factors can be influenced in both the positive and negative with regards to a child’s or young person’s development these can include:- The social situation i.e. where and how they live, for example, if a child is brought up in poverty and or other related problems such as poor housing a child’s educational success can be affected as there is little money available or facilities for the child to access so that they can support their learning out of an educational environment, there is often little parental support. The lack of success can often be due to problems involving language and communication skills. The quality of the relationship of the parent and child, also the parenting skills will have a noticeable effect on the development of the child, i.e. a child brought up in an environment where they are respected and loved will learn best. Family circumstance such as divorce, domestic violence, SEN siblings may have a negative effect, or where both parents work this should have a positive effect as they are good role model’s but it could also have a negative effect by causing separation anxiety. Poor diet, lack of sleep will impact on development as will health issues such as hearing, sight and speech impediments other conditions like asthma, diabetes and cancer will cause developmental issues as the child will possibly miss many days of school for hospital appointments etc. Children that have dyslexia and dyspraxia will also suffer from developmental delays. If a child lives in a family where an adult has mental health or other health issues the adult is likely to need a lot of support and often rely on the child to provide this thus the child becomes the carer and takes on the role of the adult, this will affect the child emotionally and they may find it difficult to interact and relate to their peers, their academic work may suffer due to taking time off school and due to tiredness because of the extra responsibilities’ they have to undertake.

b. Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of external factors There are a range of external factors that can influence a child’s/young person’s development these can be:-

Environmental – by providing a stimulating environment be it at school or through the provision of extra-curricular activities (after-school clubs, out of school activities – scouts, dance/drama classes, swimming classes other sport clubs, etc.) or even within the home when a child is young they are more likely to develop a greater awareness of how to behave in a social situation, have a greater interest in learning and developing the skills that they are acquiring and be more confident in their language and communication skills. Gender – It is easier to engage a girl than a boy particularly within an education setting due to the greater availability of teaching resources suited to girls than boys. Cultural expectations within society can differ and this can lead to confusion as to what is considered to be appropriate behaviour this can include the expected roles for boys and girls. Social skills – positive interactions with people in various settings will lead to positive ways of relating to others and therefore gaining a greater awareness for appropriate behaviour and developing social skills. Role models – through a child observing the behaviour of parents or other significant adults such as teachers, support staff and even celebrities (media influence) a child’s own behaviour, how they deal with their own emotions and those of others and also how they relate to peers etc. will be influenced.

c. Explain how to monitor children and young people’s development using different methods There are many methods for observing and assessing children. Observation and assessments are carried out to collect information or data. Different...
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