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Basic working and employment conditions for agency workers are no less favourable than if they had been recruited direct by the hirer. There is a 12 week qualifying period for this right From day 1 Access to On-site Facilities While working at Trapeze you have full access and use of collective facilities and amenities available, such as the staff room/kitchen facilities including tea/coffee making facilities and water cooler machines (or equivalent). All offices have male and female toilets, which your reporting line manager will show you the location of on arrival. Access to Employment Vacancies All current employment vacancies are available either on our external website HYPERLINK http// or on our intranet HYPERLINK http// on the careers page. If you do not have internet access during you assignment, please ask your reporting manager for access to the current vacancies or copies from a member of the HR Team. The regulations do not apply to the genuinely self-employed or those who are employed on a managed service contract. Managed service contract hirer has nothing to do with day to day work, tasks or direct delegation. Basic working and employment conditions Pay including basic pay, holiday pay, commission, overtime, additional pay, bonus linked to personal performance, shift allowances, unsocial hours premiums or bonus Duration of working time Length of night work Rest periods Rest breaks Annual leave Pregnant agency workers can have paid time off for antenatal appointments Does not include Share schemes, options or profit sharing Occupational pensions (until 2012) and occupational sick pay Contractual notice pay Contractul redundancy pay Benefits in kind e.g. company car or health insurance 12 Week qualifying period Undertaken the same role, on one or more assinments With the same hirer For 12 continuous calendar weeks, including whole or part weeks, includes part-time hours...
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