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Support performance management process

Question 1. Organisations such as BHP would operate a number of different performance appraisal methods. In order to ensure the success of the method implemented certain processes need to be in place.

Outline the processes and documentation an organisation such as BHP would need to have in place to successfully implement performance management.

A company, such as BHP, who strive towards being a high performance organisation, would have a number of processes in place when implementing performance management so as to ensure its purpose of encouraging and supporting employee performance, which in turn benefits the organisation’s success, is maintained. First and foremost, the process of establishing that all employees within the organisation have current and accurate position descriptions would need to take place. This is of critical importance as an employee’s performance indicators (the outcome that the employees performance is measured by) is based on the key roles and responsibilities included in their position description. Therefore, if the position description is not up to date, the employee is unaware of how to perform in their particular position and unable to perform to the required standard. After position descriptions have been established, an organisation would need to have a performance management policy and procedures in place to outline the frequency of employee’s performance appraisal meetings and what documentation has to be completed and signed off by both manager and employee at these meetings. In addition to this, the process of rewarding good performance and addressing underperformance should also be outlined in the organisation’s policy and procedures, and ensure all employees are made aware of these processes. Lastly, an organisation also needs to have in place a process to follow when managing disagreements regarding the outcome of a performance appraisal. By including this in the...
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