Supply Chain of Coca Cola

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Supply Chain & Operations Management College internship Program COURSE SYLLABUS

Intern Syllabus

Supply Chain & Operations Management College Internship Program Supervisor: Erik Dunlap, PhD W: 980-321-3330 C: 980-428-2920 5001 Chesapeake Dr., Charlotte, NC 28216

Internship Description
The Coca Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC) Supply Chain & Operations Management (SCOM) College Internship Program is a unique opportunity for college students to garner handson experience and take their classroom learning into the real world as they experience CCBCC’s supply chain and operations management processes responsible for our continued success in producing and delivering the world’s best beverages on the planet to our customers. The program follows the entire SCOM process starting with the purchasing of raw materials to the delivery of the finished goods where they are distributed to stores, restaurants, and vending machines. Following that process, interns will explore each of the facets involved in the SCOM process at CCBCC including Sales, Warehousing Logistics, Supply Chain Planning, Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation and Delivery. Interns will gain real-world applications of theory and SCOM concepts by working in an entry-level capacity in our facilities as well as spending time with supervisors and managers in some of these areas. In addition, interns will have the opportunity to interface with senior level managers including time with executive leadership at CCBCC headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

Scope of Internship
The SCOM Internship at CCBCC is an 8-week paid internship that takes place between May and August. (Specific dates agreed upon between student and internship coordinator.) Interns will work between 25-30 hours per week in each functional area. In addition, interns will also be expected to spend 4-5 hrs each week reading sections within the student manual prior to visiting each area, reflecting on the questions at the end of each st section, and preparing for weekly presentations. After a successful 1 summer internship, students have the nd opportunity to be invited to participate in a 2 year of the program. Internship opportunities will be available at our 5 manufacturing centers in Charlotte, NC; Bishopville, SC; Roanoke, VA; Nashville, TN; and Mobile, AL, and nearby facilities in Clayton, NC; Lavergne, TN; Columbia, SC; Greenville, NC; Greensboro, NC; and Fayetteville, NC. Each facility has the capacity to accept one (1) summer intern with the exception of Clayton, Charlotte, and Nashville where we plan on employing two (2) interns each.

Coca Cola Bottling Co.Consolidated College Internship


Intern Syllabus

Internship requirements
o o o Interns selected to participate in the CCBCC SCOM Internship program will be in their Sophomore or Junior year. It is preferable for the intern to have the availability to participate in the program over the course of 2 (two) summers. Interns will have in their academic background a concentration or major in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Manufacturing, Distribution, Inventory Management, Engineering, Business, or related disciplines. There is an expectation that Interns participating in the program obtain, at their own expense, housing in the city of their internship and have the ability to commute to their site and other nearby locations. Some aspects of the internship program will involve physical activity requiring the intern to pick up or carry finished goods weighing between 20-40lbs as well as walk up and down stairs.

o o

Coca-Cola produces the world’s most recognized beverages and CCBCC is the largest independent bottler in the United States. We take pride in everything we do and adhere to a philosophy, which can be found in on the first page of the Intern Manual. Each employee is a reflection of CCBCC and while you are interning with CCBCC you are considered an employee. The SCOM...
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