Distribution Channel of Coca Cola

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Today cold drinks have become an important item of refreshment. Cold drinks are an important part of each and every occasion that provides freshness. Worldwide, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are well known as the best soft drinks in the field of beverages. Under the present scenario companies are facing major problem that is “How to meet the consumer need.” The mind of the consumer is very unpredictable and it is very difficult to know what is going in the mind of the consumer. In today’s market situation, consumer has various options and choice. He can choose the best options available in the market, which gives them better service for the long time. So, in order to fulfill all the needs and demands of the consumer, the manufacturing companies should concentrate on the distribution channel and should make an effective and efficient distribution network. As we all know that the distribution channel is only one way through which the product is reaches to its consumer. So the company should have an effective distribution network which satisfy the demand and provide services to the consumer. In India, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the main beverages making companies. These companies have flooded the market with various brands of beverages. The objective of the study is to study the distribution channel of COCA-COLA pvt. Ltd. In There are 8 distributors Nagpur market and to find out the factors responsible for low distribution and suggest the measure to improve the scenario. In Nagpur, coca-cola pvt. Ltd. is one of the bottling plants of Coca-Cola Company which is situated in Maharashtra in MIDC, Hingna, and Nagpur-440028. Of Coca-Cola in Nagpur region. And there are 7000 retailers under these distributors but it was not possible to cover all the retailers so as a sample has been taken for the study under these distributors. To under the procurement of new for coke by visiting at Nagpur. Required information has been collected through questionnaires and personnel interview with retailers. This information is presented in the form of charts, tables and graphs as the requirement. Data has been analysis accordingly and conclusion has been drawn based on the data analysis. Possible suggestion has been recommended at the end of the study. The major finding and conclusion of the research study conducted by the researcher are given in brief as under:-


Coca-Cola was the leading soft drink brand in India until 1977 when it left rather than reveals its formula to the government and reduces its equity stake as required under the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) which governed the operations of foreign companies in India. After a 16-year absence, Coca-Cola returned to India in 1993, cementing its presence with a deal that gave Coca-Cola ownership of the nation's top soft-drink brands and bottling network. Coke’s acquisition of local popular Indian brands including Thums Up (the most trusted brand in India), Limca, Maaza, Citra and Gold Spot provided not only physical manufacturing, bottling, and distribution assets but also strong consumer preference. This combination of local and global brands enabled Coca-Cola to exploit the benefits of global branding and global trends in tastes while also tapping into traditional domestic markets. Leading Indian brands joined the Company's international family of brands, including Coca - Cola, diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta, plus the Schweppes product range. In 2000, the company launched the Kinley water brand and in 2001, Shock energy drink and the powdered concentrate Sunfill hit the market. From 1993 to 2003, Coca-Cola invested more than US$1 billion in India, making it one of the country’s top international investors. By 2003, Coca-Cola India had won the Prestigious Woodruff Cup from among 22 divisions of the Company based on three broad parameters of volume, profitability, and quality. Coca-Cola India achieved 39% volume growth...
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