Supply and Demand

Topics: Supply and demand, Microeconomics, Economics Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: November 18, 2013
Economics Unit 2: How Markets Work Investigating Price Changes Portfolio Project Part 1: Chapter 6 Wall Street Journal Questions
1) Why are sports teams considering switching to a variable–pricing strategy for tickets? Sports teams are switching to a variable-pricing strategy for tickets so that they can get a higher profit on games with record attendance numbers. They feel the need to do so because the marginal costs, such as construction payment and players’ salaries, did not equal to the marginal revenue, since attendance was severely dropping. To pay for the marginal cost, the sports team needed to capitalize on things that they were sure of, like increasing attendances to games between major sporting rivals. 2) What would happen if airlines and baseball stadiums priced all seats the same instead of using variable pricing? What would happen to the number of tickets sold? What would happen to the total revenue from ticket sales? Assume stadiums are using variable pricing and aren’t completely sold out or completely empty. What would change if seats were sold at the lowest prices? Highest prices? Variable prices? When tickets are placed at the lowest prices, the law of demand states there would be an increase in ticket sales to the game. The revenue would therefore be higher. If the prices were placed at the highest prices, the demand would be elastic and very few people would be willing to pay for the tickets. They may not be as willing to pay for them because of their budget limitations and their discernments for what is necessity or luxury. The revenue would then be lower. If the market used variable prices, the ticket sales and revenue would increase, assuming that the ticket discrepancies were not pushed very far. 3) Stephen says he skipped the game with rival Toronto because of the price increases. “I do not agree that I have to pay extra to see certain teams,” he says, “I don’t pay less for teams that usually don’t draw.” What do you know about Mr....
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