Superhero and Game

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Cyberspace Hero
Date: 2014-03-01

Nowadays, there are hundreds of games with different characters and plots. If I can be one of the game characters, I want a character in a game called, ‘In Modern World’. In this game, the character has many abilities, like teleportation and telekinesis. Using these abilities, the character destroys an alien battleship. Also, the main character is fifteen; therefore, it will be perfect for me to be the main character of this game.

The characters in this game are I, and other superheroes. Using my abilities, I have to find others with powers like me, including Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. In order to win this game, the characters must destroy the portal that summons alien fleets. So, I had others except Superman to hide, and when they showed up, we killed them and took their fleet. After that, we disguised ourselves in the hoard of aliens. Then Thor and I went to the control room and pushed the button for self-destruction. That is where the game ends and you win.

However, if I were the main character, I would not do that. First, with teleportation, I will go into the enemy ship. Then, I will help bring others in. After, the massacre will begin. Considering I have amazing superpowers, we can live throughout the day and enjoy the glory the world offers to heroes.

The reason why I chose this game is simple. That is because the main character is invincible. With powers like that, I can live rest of my life in riches. Having able to spend billions of dollars with a snap of my finger, it would be a wonderful life for me, I would not have to work, but just relax and do anything I want to do. If I wish, I can probably buy bunch of Ferrari and Lamborghini Aventador for the pleasure of having it.

Until now, I wrote about what I would do as a main character. Now, I want to write about one most important thing I want to do as a game character. That is being able to donate my whole riches to Africa, because Africa...
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