Super-Size Me

Topics: Nutrition, McDonald's, Super Size Me Pages: 2 (839 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Fast-Food Industry: Friend or Foe?
The 2004 American documentary known as Super-Size Me left a remarkable impact on America’s fast-food industries, as well as fellow fast-food consumers. Not to mention, six weeks after Super-Size Me was released, McDonalds took the “Super-Size” option off their menu as well as their stress on healthier menu choices; such as salads, fruit, and the new adult happy meal. The director, writer, and producer of Super-Size Me is also starring in the film himself, he is Morgan Spurlock. This documentary is anything but flashy or cinematically amazing; it purely presents the real story of Morgan’s journey to a healthier America. Americans know how addicting fast-food really is, but what they don’t know is what fast-food does to their bodies over time. Super-Size Me did influence McDonalds and our society as a whole, however have we still been a healthier America since then. The main point for Spurlock's experiment was simply, the growing spread of obesity in our society. There was even a lawsuit that was brought against McDonald's by two overweight girls, who later became obese because of eating McDonald's food. But as you would guess, the lawsuit failed. As Super-Size Me starts, Morgan Spurlock is at an above average shape condition in respect of his personal trainer. He is then seen by three doctors: a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist, a general practitioner, as well as a nutritionist and a personal trainer. Morgan Spurlock is documented for thirty days from February 1st to March 2, 2003, in which he eats only McDonald’s food. Yes that means for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; not to mention every time he is asked to “super-size” his meal Spurlock must super-size it. Eating McDonald’s all day made his calorie intake for each day approximately 5,000 calories, which is equal to nine Big Macs! This movie is pretty straight-forward going along with the title, however along the way Spurlock visits elementary schools to see how...
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