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Topics: Nutrition, Super Size Me, Junk food Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: May 31, 2013
The documentary, Supersize Me by Morgan Spurlock, is one of the most revealing and shocking works of film that I have ever seen. This movie shows that it really does take only one man to make an effective change in the world. Supersize me revolves around one man, Morgan Spurlock, who decides to challenge the fast food industry through a shocking demonstration. He embarks on a one month experiment in which all he consumes is the famous McDonald’s fast food chain’s food. The rules are that he cannot eat or ingest anything that is not sold on the McDonald’s menu, he must eat everything on the menu at least once, and he must eat three meals a day. His intent is to put on display, first hand, the effects that fast food have on the human body. While this was his intent to begin with, Spurlock had no clue what was in store for his body.

This film elicits an array of reactions, and I believe that it provoked nearly every different kind of response in me. To begin, I was intrigued because it was so simple, thought provoking, and interesting that someone would devote an entire month and their general well-being to the accumulation of health information. This concept was downright insane in my eyes and I instantly wanted to know the end results. As the documentary furthered and his first week of ingesting McDonald’s food began, I became appalled. Around the third or fourth day, Spurlock vomited a fluorescent orange heap onto the ground merely from attempting to keep ingesting the food. As the long month in the film progressed, I became more understanding. I began to really understand the impact that what we put into our bodies has on us, not only pertaining to our physical health, but also our mood, sex life, and physical activity. I realized that there is absolutely no reason for us to be making the choice to make ourselves overweight from this food merely because it “tastes good.” While this case of Morgan Spurlock’s that was filmed for the movie was an extreme case in...
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