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Topics: Water resources, Water, Water purification Pages: 3 (1253 words) Published: October 1, 2014
In awareness campaigns,
policy makers and other interested groups aim for behavioral changes based on new social norms and attitudes towards water use.
Water preservation and reading campaign combined
The Water Awareness Campaign, UNDP/Palestinian Water Authorities (Palestine territories) joined efforts with a reading campaign of the Tamer Institute for Community Education. The reading campaign aimed to promote literacy and reading skills among young Palestinians. The following activities were planned and executed together:

• Combined presentations by the theatrical character of Nakhleh Al-Shiber (Tamer) with the Zam-Zam character (Water Awareness Campaign), attended by more than 3,000 pupils.
• School workshops were held in three schools. At these workshops students simulated "neighborhood committees" to assess the need for water and explain these needs to the municipal authorities. The information was made to look as real as possible, to enhance the ability to work as a group and using reading skills in a practical setting. The next exercise was to find extra amounts of water, or ways to redistribute the existing amounts in case of failure to find enough extra water.

• A summer camp was organized by the two campaigns together with various activities such as making crafts related to water supply. • A press communiqué was released in six local papers and broadcast by the Voice of Palestine, explaining the philosophy of both campaigns. • Slogans of both campaigns were printed on posters, leaflets, flags, Tshirts and bookmarkers which were distributed during campaign activities. Linking schools through the internet

Several educational projects use the internet to link participating schools, distribute information and share ideas. Examples are the Global Rivers Environmental Education Network, the Rivers Project and Aquatox Tours of water treatment plants

Pinellas County Utilities (USA) organizes tours of the county well-fields, Utilities Laboratory,...
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