Topics: Coca-Cola, Soft drink, Caffeine Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Increasing demand for healthy food and beverages
In the 21 century, many people are choosing to consume fast food rather than healthy food since there is crashing of time. Although fast food can be served in a short time and tasty but it is lacking of nutrients that need by our body. This will lead to the health problems such as obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and so on. Due to these health problems, the demand for healthy food and beverages has increased drastically. The Coca Cola Company has an opportunity to further expand its product range with drinks that have low amount of sugar and calories. Coca Cola Company can produce beverage with new flavour such as strawberry, oranges and apples which contain more vitamins and minerals.

Growing beverages consumption in emerging markets

Everyone likes soft drinks especially youngster. The consumption of soft drinks is still significantly growing in emerging markets, especially Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC), where Coca Cola could increase and maintain its beverages market share. This is because the Coca Cola itself is the well-known brand; and distributes the drinks to all around the world hence many people will consume for Coca Cola beverages rather than other brand such as Pepsi. By this, the Coca Cola Company will increase their sales and earn more profit.

Growth through acquisitions

Since nowadays there are so many drinks competitors in the market, such as Pepsi, lemonade, citrus soda, fruit juices, coffee, and so on, Coca Cola Company will find it hard to keep current growth levels and will find it hard to penetrate new markets with existing product portfolio. This can be done more easily through acquiring other companies which have the same nature of business like carbonated drinks company to make the companies more powerful so that can compete with other beverages company such as PepsiCo brands, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Buffalo Rock Company. By this, the Coca Cola will...
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