Sunflower Incorporated Case Study

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Case Study: Sunflower Incorporated
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Case Study: Sunflower Incorporated
In preparation for Workshop 2 of the course MSBC-660 – Change Acceleration in Organizational Culture, we were asked as a group to complete a Project Team Assignment, using the case study method. As part of this exercise, we were to read the case study Sunflower Incorporated and then critically analyze the case using the guidelines provided. In our answers outlined in the paragraphs below, we have diagnosed the problem presented, interpreted the likely causes and made recommendations for how Sunflower Incorporated should have planned and executed change within its organization. What is the issue or problem highlighted in the case?

The issue in this case came about when the management of Sunflower Incorporated learned that company profits varied widely. As other national distributors were pushing hard to increase market share, some of Sunflower’s regions were experiencing intense price competition. In order to retain market share in this competitive environment, Sunflower’s management decided that some standardization across the regions was necessary and that other associated changes needed to be implemented. Vision: What is the long term-vision (3 – 5 years) of this organization? The long-term vision of Sunflower Incorporated should include the following: •Clarity needs to be established within the organization. •An adequate supply of information.

The ability for executives to follow and implement the new changes within the organization. •Harmonization from the regional executives.

Mission: What is the mission of the organization?
Although the mission of Sunflower Incorporated was not specifically articulated in the case study, the mission could read The Mission of Sunflower Incorporated is to provide efficient, cost-effective distribution of high-quality snack foods and beverages throughout North America, recognizing...
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