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Sunlighting as Formgiver for Architecture
William M.C. Lam

Sunlighting as Formgiver for Architecture
William Ming Cheong Lam (known as Bill Lam) born May 1924 in Hawaii Went to MIT and graduated with a degree in Architecture 1949. Then, inspired by the example of visiting professor Alvar Aalto and Charles Eames, began a sideline career.... “manufacture of his lamp and furniture designs.”

This book is for architects who are truly interested in how people feel in their buildings. Bill Lam gives a clear explanation of the properties of light, particularly sunlight, and provides an understandable guide to designing with light to create more livable architectural environments.

Sunlighting as Formgiver for Architecture
The very begining of the book says about the importance of the sun, that “throughout the history, throughout the world, the sun has been worshiped by mankind. Its benefit has been recognized, praised, and prayed.” Later on it is discussed that sunlight is the conscious design of a design form to use direct sunlight for illumination and thermal benefit. The Architecture shaped by sun lighting is positive and selective in the admission and redirection of direct sunlight.

After reading first five paragraphs of this book one can understand that how much sunlight is important in architecture and one could expect that advanced technology should have led to even more intelligent use of sunlight. But at a glance most of the commercial and institutional buildings around us indicates otherwise. Even after introduction of the fluorescent lamp and HVAC systems in the late 1950s the sunlight in architecture ha generally been ignored or treated as a problem than as an opportunity.

Sunlighting as Formgiver for Architecture

PART I: PRINCIPLES Design objectives The Delightful, Healthful, Luminous Environment Light and its Control Sunlight: Source of Light and Heat for Buildings Planning for Sunlighting-Concepts Sidelighting: Strategies,...
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