Summer Internship Report

Topics: Bharti Airtel, Airtel, Sunil Mittal Pages: 16 (4519 words) Published: August 13, 2011
A Report
Cell Site Profitability/Productivity of Bharti Airtel’s sites in terms of Revenue Generation

Submitted to
Xavier Institute of Management, Jabalpur

As Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the
Post Graduate Diploma in Management-[Telecom Management]

Under the Guidance of
Mr. Anchal Mishra

Submitted by
Himanshu Soni

Xavier Institute of Management
Mandla Road, Tilheri, Jabalpur (MP)

Table of contents

Contents Pages Declaration by the student03
Declaration by the Guide04
Executive Summary06
1.1 Background of the study07
1.2Need of the Study08
1.3 Objectives08
1.4Section details08
2. Methodology09
2.1 Research design09
2.2 Sampling design09
2.3Source & Type of data10
2.4Method of Data Analysis10
3. Organizational Profile11
3.1Vision & Mission11
3.3Physical/Geographical boundaries13
3.4Political boundary14
3.5Basic Demographic profile15
4. Analysis and Discussion16
5. Summary and Conclusion23
Questionnaire 26
Maps 27

Declaration by the Student
I hereby declare that this project report titled “Cell Site Profitability/Productivity” has been submitted by me for the award of the degree of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Telecom Management), as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Telecom Management)-2010-12.

This is the result of original work carried out by me. This report has not been submitted anywhere else for award of any other degree/diploma.

Himanshu Soni


Certificate by the Guide
This is to certify that Himanshu Soni has carried out this project report titled “Cell Site Profitability/Productivity”, as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Post Graduate Diploma Management in Telecom Management (2010-12), under my guidance during the academic session 2010-12.

It is also certified that the report presented embodies the original work of the student. The present report can be forwarded for evaluation.

Mr. Anchal Mishra



I wish to acknowledge my specific indebtness to director “Xavier Institute of Management, Jabalpur”, who made this opportunity to perform summer training as a part of PGDM –TM degree Course. My heart full thanks to my respected Faculty namely Mr. Anchal Mishra without his continuous help the project would not have been materialized in the present form. His valuable suggestions helped me at every step. I wish to extend my Sincere Gratitude towards Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh (ZBM, Bharti Airtel), Bhubaneswar for accepting me as a summer trainee. I express my sincere thanks to Mr Vivek Kumar Mahatha (ZSM) Bharti Airtel, Bhubaneswar for assigning this project to me and for their valuable guidance and best possible help during course of study and helping me in giving me all relevant information. My heart full thanks to Mr. Manoj Patra, Mr. Rohit Chatrasal (TSM, Bharti Airtel, Bhubaneswar) and the whole staff of Bharti Airtel, Bhubaneswar who spared their busy schedule and gave me continuous support in every possible manner to gain practical knowledge in Industry. Thanks to other summer trainees for their co-operation and suggestions throughout this project. Finally I would like thank all my friends and my family for the kind of support and to all who directly or indirectly helped me in preparing this project report.

Executive Summary
Now day’s Indian Telecom market is having huge competition. Due to this intense competition, every service provider has to be on their toes to increase their...
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