Summary on Russell Baker's Growing Up

Topics: New Deal, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Fireside chats Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: October 30, 2006
FDR – takes on a more activist role The first hundred days and alphabet soup – CCC, NRA, etc The 3 r's – relief, recovery and reform Relief: relieving people who are suffering immediate needs Recovery: having economy bounce back Reform: look at what went wrong, change bills and laws FDR's vision of government – willing to try anything, throw out acts if they don't work. Goals of the new deal – tried basically anything

He wanted to…

Restore banking system: trust, confidence, (restore federal loans, and federal insurance)

Create jobs: public works, war/military – maybe having a draft, stimulate private employment/private sector (can work two different ways – either more laissez faire form of gov't meaning giving businesses more freedom OR socialize meaning where you give out land and take away the private sector.

Food/immediate needs: use federal money for direct belief (like shelters)

Raise money for aid programs!

The first new deal – focuses on relief, and saving people – in speeches he talked about how country didn't need to make anymore money; the country should feel comfortable.

Saving the financial industry – want to make the system better, kinder to the people. 1933 bank holiday – closing banks to stop ppl from taking out all their money – he hires investigators and reopens the bank - talks to people in a friendly tone – people believe in FDR and banks are stabilized … this is meant to save capitalism!

Economy acts (cuts federal salaries) - fireside chats – talked to people in a friendly tone about their progress.

Planning the economy – gov't needs to care about peoples needs

Agricultural adjustment act (relief and recovery and ultimately reform) – pushed crop reduction, destruction of surpluses which made the farm income go up

The national industrial recovery act – creates NRA codes and the WPA (the largest agency) - these are a series of rules and laws to say how much businesses we have to pay ppl - how much is minimum...
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