Summary of Lpu-Manila Tanghalang Batingaw's "Recipe"

Topics: Cooking, Child abuse, Abuse Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: August 22, 2013
A young woman tells of her memories of the men in her life, with relation of Filipino recipes, from her childhood up until the present. Jessa, a renowned chef, came from a poor family with a drunkard and abusive stepfather, who she associates with the dog meat dish, Azucena. After the last beating she received from him, Jessa ran away from home and found a job as a cook to a rich young couple, who reminds her of the expensive Lechon. She praised them for their kindness but behind it was the sexual abuse she experienced from her señor in exchange of money to give to her poor mother and siblings. Jessa ran away from the mansion after being abused by her señor’s friend. A few years after, her life changed when her cooking skills gained recognition and met the last man in her life, Felix, who later became her husband for three years. Felix was a good husband until Jessa found out about his frequent womanizing. At the peak of her story, Jessa recounts how she took revenge on the three men. Her stepfather died of rabies after she served him the Azucena made from her neighbor’s infected dog. Her señor and two other people, namely his wife and friend, died in the fire caused by a gas tank she intentionally left open. Lastly, Jessa severed and cooked Felix’s head and called onto her house the other women he deceived to witness her deed. Out of all the things she had done, Jessa pitied and wept out of love for her husband but does not regret killing him and the other two. She promises to the platter-served Felix that the next man who’ll come to her life will be better off dead and so is she. Ending her life and misery, Jessa killed herself with a kitchen knife.
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