Summary of Lord of the Flies (Book)

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Summary of Lord of the Flies
It all starts with Ralph finding himself on what seems like a desolated island. After walking around for some time, he meets the boy, whose name we don’t hear, but Ralph will refer to his nickname, Piggy, future on. Ralph and Piggy decide it would be best to group up, although Ralph seems to be rather annoyed with Piggy’s presence. After they have wandered around on the island, they spot something rather interesting lying in a small pool of water. It turns out to be a conch, and Piggy suggests that they maybe could use it to summon all the other survivors on the island. Ralph stands on a platform of stone at the beach and starts blowing in the conch, which sound echoes all over the island. A moment later children of all sizes in the age of 5-12 appears from the bushes and plants in the surroundings. Also a school choir appears, wearing their school’s black uniform. The choir’s head vocalist, Jack, confronts Ralph and after a minor discussion they both agree to make a vote, to see who should lead this pack of children. In the meantime we hear rumors from the children of what have happened. As far as I have noticed, it seems we’re in the second world war and the use of atom bombs have made countries evacuate children by sending them into a form of tube, which could be attached to a plane. Apparently those children’s plane was attacked by unknown forces and the pilot managed to eject the tube on a nearby island, before the plane crashed into the ocean. The children’s favor goes to Ralph, who then becomes the leader of the group. Although he feels Jack’s desire for power and maybe even a soul brother, as he gives the control of the “hunters” to Jack. The hunters are the group of choir boys whose primary objective is to gather meat for the group. Ralph points out a boy, named Simon, from the choir, and ask him to accompany himself and Jack in the exploration of the island. At this trip around the island, a strange bond forms between them, and they think of themselves as the three people in charge of the group of children. In their desperate hope of being saved the children abandons all labor of shelter and climbs up the mountain, blindly deceived by Jack’s orders, to create a “giant” bonfire, which smoke should draw nearby ships’ attention. The children spend hours gathering wood and lumber. After they have placed all their gathered materials, they realize how small their bonfire actually is, compared to how much effort they had putted into it. They decide to ignite it anyway, using Piggy’s glasses to concentrate the sun’s rays at a single spot and thereby succeed to create fire. Although, the bonfire doesn’t really create the pillar of smoke, the boys had dreamed of. And to make matters worse the bonfire gets out of control and spreads to the nearby forest. Realizing the consequences of their actions, the children can only stand and watch with horror, as the fire sweeps across the half of the island, leaving only a scorched scar in its trails. At this point Piggy discover, that some of the smaller children are missing. With fear in their eyes, they look down at the burning hell, which only moments ago were the wild jungle the small children had gathered food from. The following day Jack is out hunting, he think of himself as a deadly predator but must later admit, that he sometimes felt like the prey. Ralph and Simon have used the day on preparing the shelters, although it’s in vain, as no of the other kids intend to help, and the shelters keeps collapsing. As Jack returns he falls in conversation with Ralph, leaving Simon unattended, giving him the opportunity to sneak away for the time being. Simon manages to enter the jungle undetected, where he sits down and falls in a trance, while having one of his hallucinations. At the following day, we’re informed that, the children has been split up into two groups, the littluns and the biguns. The littluns are all the kids under the age of 9 and the...
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