Summary of “College Pressures”

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Yidi Wang (Joseph)
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Summary of “College Pressures”

In the article “College Pressures,” William Zinsser analysis the four reasons which cost pressures on college students: economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure, and self-induced pressure. All college students are under the shadow of these four kinds of pressure. The pressure is so heavy that current college students couldn’t enjoy their college life. Zinsser first cites some messages from a students and the dean to show how distressed the current students are. Then he illustrate that students are so vexed because they are under so much pressure. He then analysis each pressure one by one. Students urge to have good grades for the sake of good-paying job in the future. Students are forced to study what they don’t like by their parents. Vicious competition among peers increased the work needed to be done by students. Furthermore, these pressures restrained students’ future and interests. Zinsser suggests that students don’t necessarily need to stay in the shadow of these pressures. Students should learn what they want; do what they like; not do what the pressures force them to. Zinsser insists students should be confident about themselves. The future is unfathomable and not easy to plan. Life and success is not only about the how much you know about your major but also about your communication ability, your scope of knowledge and your comprehensive ability. The best job is not the best paying one, but the most suitable one. In general, Zinsser suggests the students to be themselves and follow their own hard.

In the article “College Pressures,” William Zinsser analysis four kinds of pressures which college students are suffered from: economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure, and self-induced pressure. In my view, greeting the pressures and regarding the pressures as the motivation of being better, college students can enjoy their college life. I see these four kinds of pressures...
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