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Ariel Hitchcock
English 101

College students these days seem to be worrying too much about getting rich in the future than finding something that they will love to do. They think they need to have it all figured out now and forget to take some creative classes and open their minds. “College Pressures” by William Zinsser, argues that students are stressing too much about planning their futures using mostly pathos. “College Pressures” by William Zinsser is about how college students are so worried about getting perfect grades, and under so much pressure to succeed. The article starts off with notes from anxiety filled students asking for advice from the dean of Branford College at Yale University. It only gives a few examples of the hundreds of messages that are sent to the dean asking for advice and help. This panic among students does not only occur at Branford College but at many colleges and universities across the country. Zinsser is also sought out for advice by the students of Branford; he is an English instructor at Yale University and the master of Branford College. He is close with many of the residents of the Gothic quadrangle, the resident hall where he also lives by. Zinsser states, “Mainly I try to remind them that the road ahead is a long one and that it will have more unexpected turns then they think. There will be plenty of time to change jobs, change careers, change whole attitudes and approaches” (208). This is stating that they need to relax, dare to take some risks, and experiment with life. He says that there are four kinds of pressures that influence college students today: economic, parental, peer, and self-induced pressure. Students today are economically pressured because just the cost of the college tuition fee is enough to take out a loan for. College is so expensive that students feel that they need to guarantee a well paying job in order to pay off...
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