Summary for the Book Gorgeous by Rachel Vail

Topics: New York City, Sibling, Birth order Pages: 4 (1743 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Summary for the book Gorgeous
Allison Avery is one of the three Avery girls. Her older sister Quinn is beautiful, smart, and an all around good character. Her younger sister Phoebe is popular, innocent, and always happy. While Allison is just interesting looking, doesn’t try in school, and has only one best friend, Jade. Allison Avery Is a 9th grader trying to fit in, in a suburban town that she hates. Its to perfect for her, and everyone there has to be perfect too. Alison isn’t perfect and will never be perfect, so this annoys her a great deal. Jane, is perfect to, she’s a great student, and she pretty too. Allison does a project on Governor Morris that she actually tried on, and her teacher gives her a B! Allison gets pissed. She tears up the paper and throws it in the teachers face. Everyone in the room was shocked except a girl named Roxie Green a beautiful popular girl. When Allison walks out of the room Roxie just asks her if she wants to cut second period, and Allison says yes, and that’s when Allison meets Roxie Green. Roxie moved to their town from New York City, a place so different from this perfect suburban town. Roxie gives Allison a nickname, Allison with one L, Alison. It catches on and now every one calls her that. Roxie and her decide to throw a pool part at Roxie’s and invite Tyler Moss, a hot boy that Allison has a crush on. At the pool party all the boys are all over stunning Roxie. Alison gets no attention even though Roxie tries to include her. She feels left out and leaves.Jade gets worried for Alison because she thinks she is acting strange, jade doesn’t like Roxie because she thinks she’s a bad girl and Alison tells her not to worry. So when one night Alison has a vivid dream where the devil is sitting on a seat in her room. The devil and her agree on a deal that she will sell her cell phone to the devil in exchange for seven people thinking that she’s gorgeous. The devil explains to her that her cell phone will still be in...
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