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Topics: Executive compensation, Corporate governance, Non-executive director Pages: 2 (988 words) Published: April 18, 2015
In order to reinforce the corporate governance system in Unites States, Cadbury Committee reviewed the financials. The idea was to inculcate openness in the system. Amongst other things, Director’s remuneration was to be decided on by a group of non-executives. It recommended disclosing and bifurcating elements of the salary along with an explanation as to how is it determined. Information about stock options, stock appreciation rights, and pension contributions should also be given. Moreover, they also suggested that future service contracts should not exceed three years without prior approval of shareholders. In June 1995, the Employment Committee of the House of Commons reported on the remuneration of directors and chief executives of privatized utilities. John Monks, Secretary General of the TUC conducted the ‘TUC Survey’ in 1995 which shows that the wage gap between executives and their respective workforces is growing at a faster pace in private companies than utilities. Though this gap widened in recession, the directors of private companies have always accorded themselves high pay increments. Established in 1995, the Greenbury Committee is of the view that statuary controls are of minimal significance and progress lies in self regulation, which allows controlling and enhancing performance. Some of the basic clauses are 1) effective delegation of responsibility for determination of director’s remuneration which would not only represent shareholders’ interest and guard company’s finances 2) This group of people needs to *J.I.B.L. 475 submit a report to the shareholders explaining the company’s approach along with all the relevant disclosures. This task shall be allocated to the Non-executives’ Committee. Current Regulation of Executive pay in United Kingdom

Determination of executive remuneration is a controversial affair. Common law fails to provide enough guidelines as there is a general reluctance by the court in estimating salary’s market value....
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