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Commerce Lab - Practical Question Bank
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B.Com (All Streams) III Year BUSINESS LAW
Time: 60 Minutes
: 10
Skill Test
: 20
Total Marks : 30
1. What is the difference between an agreement of a house property and a Sale Deed? 2. Draft a model Agreement for the sale of a plot of 200 sq.yards with imaginary particulars. 3. Draft a Sale Deed of a 2 Bedroom flat with imaginary parties and other particulars. 4. What points are to be included in a written agreement while drafting so as to make it valid. 5. Draft a model rental agreement for letting out a shop to a trader for running a general stores.

6. Draft a lease deed for a period of 10 years for letting out a building to a college management.
7. Give a brief account of the famous case of –Harvey Vs Facey. 8. Bring out the facts of the case of- Lalman Shukla Vs Gouri Dutt. 9. What is the gist of Abdul Azeez Vs Masoom Ali’s case?
10. Peddaiah transferred his ancestral property to his son Chinniah and instructed him to pay Rs.1000 annually to his younger brother Babaiah. It was agreed in writing by Chinniah to pay the annuity to his uncle. But after the death of Peddaih, Chinnaiah stopped the payment. Can Babaiah sue Chinniah for the annuity?

11. Master Nani, a minor purchased ten neck-ties from a ready made garments shop of Mr.Gopal on credit and did not repay their price. Can Mr.Gopal claim the price of the ties from Nani?
12. Mr Venkat offered to pay Rs.10,000 to Mrs Laxmi if she agrees to take divorce from her husband and marries him. Mrs. Laxmi agreed to the proposal and received the amount but she did not take divorce form her husband. What remedy is available to Mr.Venkat? 13. Draft an imaginary agreement between Mr.Gopal and Mr.Mohan for altering the date of supply of 400 bags of Birla Cement with their mutual consent, discharging an existing contract of supply of cement.

14. Mr.Ramesh agreed to supply 200 bags of Basmati Rice @ Rs.8000/- per bag to Mr.Rajesh. On due date he could not supply, therefore he made a proposal to accept the same type of rice from Mr.Omesh at the agreed price only. Draft a model request for the discharge of the contract by novation.

15. What do you mean by a suit? Draft a model suit for rescission of a contract when it is breached by the other party.
16. How is a suit filed for the specific performance of a contract. Include the names and other particulars as per your imagination.
17. What do you mean by an Injunction? How is a suit for injunction is filed in a court of law?


18. Is there any difference between an injunction order and a stay order? 19. How do you calculate damages on the breach of a contract for supply of goods between two parties when the price of the goods has gone up in the market. 20. Mr. Raju agreed to supply 200 bags of sugar to Mr. Ravi @ Rs.4000/- per bag, otherwise to pay damages @ Rs.1000/- per bag. The price of sugar has gone upto Rs.5500/- per bag in the market. So he failed to supply. Calculate damages payable by Mr Raju to Mr. Ravi. 21. Draft a model written contract between Mr.Rama Rao S/o.Shri Krishna Rao and Mr.Rasheed S/o.Mohd. Qursheed for selling a second hand car for Rs.1,00,000/- giving other particulars as per your imagination including two to three expressed conditions and warranties.

22. Draft a model of Lorry Receipt for sending 4 Televisions, 2 washing Machines, 3 Refrigerators from Hyderabad to Vijayawada through MODERN TRANSPORT CO. 23. Bring out the facts of case of Badriprasad Vs The State of Madhya Pradesh. 24. What is the gist of case of Appleby Vs Myers.

25. Give a brief account of the famous case of Tarling Vs Baxter. 26. Raju agreed to supply 50 bags of paddy and 20 bags of wheat in exchange for 60 bags of rice and Rs.1,000 in cash to Kareem. Is this a valid contract of sale of goods as per Law.? 27. Sharp Electricals sold an...
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