Suicide Essay

Topics: Suicide, Suicide methods, The Complete Manual of Suicide Pages: 3 (1362 words) Published: May 28, 2009
Its 8 in the morning receive an unexpected call. I try ignoring it and going back to sleep but it kept on ringing. So I get up to answer it and it happens to be my best friend’s mom from back country. She tells me son, something bad happened, I dint understand what she was mumbling, crying and spitting out fragments of words, but what got my attention was “suicide”. I figured something big must have happened; I speak to a different member of the family and find out that he committed suicide. Munjal was his name, my childhood friend living in India. I drop the phone from my hand, shocked, lost all my senses. The last thing I recall is speaking to him on the phone 1 week ago and how he was telling me all his problems he is having with studies and relationship. I couldn’t advice him much since I was too busy but deep inside I knew he is weak to manage all this on his own but strong enough to not resort to suicide. I ask myself, why do people commit suicide, what could possibly get into their mind to make them think they have no other choice but to end their life. There are many reasons why someone would think about committing suicide. A death of a family member or loss of a loved one can lead to suicide. Loosing someone is often too much for other loved members to handle and it adds more stress on top of their stress which provokes them to think of committing suicide. Often a suicide in a family can cause another suicide. For example if an elder member commits suicide due to unable to handle stress and everyday changes in life then later on if a younger members experiences similar problem he/she will also follow this step, because in the person’s mind the only thought running is that “I can’t handle it anymore”. Sometimes we go through changes in our life that affects us a lot and puts us to more stress. Often we get stressed over our appearances, we feel that we are not that good looking compared to others. We fear that we will be rejected from the society but...
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