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Suggest how the three scenarios for 202

By helenmireku Nov 26, 2014 534 Words
Suggest how the three scenarios for 2025 might have very different consequences for the planet and its people (10 marks) One impact of the globalised scenario for 2025 is an increased demand and supply of resources for emerging BRIC nations. As products become cheaper to make for TNC's, this allows companies such as Primark to charge its consumers in the developed world a lower price, which increases consumer demand for Primark’s products. This high demand puts pressure on its Indian manufacture to produce a great amount of supply to meet the needs of its consumer base in the UK .Consequently, workers have to work longer hours in factories, leading to a higher consumption of non-renewable resources. In effect, this could lead to an increase in climate change for the planet. This is because the continuous use of non-renewable resources to meet high demand from Superpowers, means that more carbon emissions will be emitted into the atmosphere. However, it also makes it harder for IGO's to help superpowers mitigate the impacts of climate change. On the other hand as superpowers become more globalised, it means that they are able to emerge and exert their influence through IGO’s. In terms of the governance scenario, this would produce positive impacts to Democratic political Superpowers .For example the UK is a part of the European liberalism and it also dominates some of the international decisions made by the G8 .This gives UK the ability consider people’s opinions when making international decisions with other members of the G8 .The increased responsibility of IGO's will allow countries able to work together, which reduces global conflict. If all superpowers are able to work together the environmental issues of the planet will improve as there will be reductions in greenhouse gases .This is because countries will work together to reduce climate change through abiding to policies such as the Kyoto protocol, which states to “reduce global carbon emissions by 20% by 2020”, giving superpowers the interest in investing in more renewable resources. A multi-polar world is one of which there are several superpowers competing for the highest status of power. In terms of people, citizens of the BRICS will see the quality of life increase, in affect there would be a greater life expectancy in countries that were once undeveloped .However in LCD's such as Ethiopia where there is scarce influence from Superpowers, they are more likely to suffer from slow development .The Dependency theory suggests that LEDC's rely on MEDC's such like the USA to invest in economic growth to reduce the isolation it has with the Western world. The rise for global power could cause very strong competition for resources, particularly in non-renewable resources such as oil and water, affecting the planet .This situation has occurred between Egypt and Ethiopia, where there is a rise in disagreements between who owns the River Nile basin. However this is situation is different in developed world, because Superpowers are squabbling for oil from the Middle East, especially in Islamic nations like Iraq who have disagreements with the cultural influence in westernised nations like the USA. In affect this has caused USA to exert direct military influence over Iraq, leading to an increase in global conflict.

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