Sugar Production

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Sugar was not only a stimulant to consumers but also for anyone else in the production of it, more and more sugar was being demanded, perhaps because of it accessibility or the money that came out of it. If it weren’t for producers, consumers, and entrepreneurs sugar production would not have been one of the biggest productions of a crop in the world. The organization of sugar met the needs of producers, because sugar production was profitable and did not consist of many owners; it met the needs of consumers because of the accessibility of sugar; and it met the needs of entrepreneurs because of the profit reasons as well as secure income.

Sugar production met the needs of producers because the money they would invest in plantations or sugar production was profitable. Sugar production won the attention of wealthy producers because there was not any multiple owned enterprises when it came to sugar plantation owning, that meant all the money made would go to the producers themselves. Sidney W. Mitz suggests that individual ownership oiled the gears to more plantation owning, resulting in more sugar production (Doc.7). Of course, in order for producers to encourage sugar production organization, they needed the money to start it. Most producers came from somewhat wealthy families, which indicate that in order to produce sugar and own a plantation you need to have capital. As William Belgrove’s, A Treatise Upon Husbandry or Planting, 1755, the list of components needed are costly, but for English wealth inherited men, the money spend would turn out to be profitable (Doc 6). Another reason why producers were content with the organization of sugar production was because of the on going cycle of consumers demand. Producers had a sure and secure knowing that their crop would be sold because of the consumer need for the stimulant. Sidney W. Mitz informs that in England sugar was the essential sweetener, which suggests that producers had huge profit (Doc. 4).

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