Sugar Is Poison for You

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As a chemical, sugar is poison for
the body and the cause behind numerous
ailments. We’re addicted to
its taste and find it impossible to
avoid… but as we will see later in
this article, safe and healthy alternatives
are becoming available.
As we pass through the supermarket
aisles perpetuating another generation of
dental decay, obesity, weakened bones,
diabetes, hyperactivity, emotional imbalance
and dysfunctional immune systems,
we must ask ourselves the compelling
question of why we consume sugar, and
especially, why we give sugar to children.
In Australia we eat about 65 kilograms
of the stuff a year or 35 teaspoons
a day. And it’s in everything — chicken
soup, pickles, pork and beans, peanut butter,
bread, macaroni and cheese, sauce,
mustard and relish, jam, yogurt, canned
fruit and vegetables, salad dressings, not
to mention the endless list of desserts, jam
packed and stuffed to capacity with sugar.
The white crystalline substance we
know of as sugar is an unnatural substance
produced by industrial processes
(mostly from sugar cane or sugar beets)
by refining it down to pure sucrose, after
stripping away all the vitamins, minerals,
proteins, enzymes and other beneficial
What is left is more like a drug than
food, a concentrated unnatural substance
which the human body is not able to
handle, at least not in anywhere near
the quantities now ingested in today’s
accepted lifestyles.
It quickly passes through the stom-
Why is sugar so
devastating to our
health? Sugar is pure
chemical and (like
heroin) through refining
has been stripped of all
the natural food
nutrition it originally
had in the plant itself.
ther refined it into heroin. This discovery,
they proclaimed, was a wonderful
new non-addictive pain-killer. So they
Similarly, sugar is first pressed as a
juice from the cane (or beet) and refined
into molasses. Then it is refined
into brown sugar, and finally into strange
white crystals C12H22O, which is an alien
chemical to the human system.
A second reason why sugar harms is
its addictiveness. Starting with sugar in
the baby formula, people not only develop
a strong taste for sugar but an
insatiable craving that never recedes.
A third reason is the slow and insidious
damage caused by sugar.
A fourth reason is the outrageous
amounts of sugar consumed by countries
like Australia and the United States.
Westerners in particular are told how
they are the best fed and best nourished
people on the face of the Earth. If we
are talking about processed junk food –
this is true.
If you examine the “foods” in any
supermarket more closely and start reading
labels, you will find just about everything
contains sugar. Most of the foods
are loaded with it – from cereals, to
soups, to sauces, to sausages. Even fluecured
tobacco can contain as much as
20% sugar by weight. Some cereals are
as much as 50% sugar.
Damage to the Body
Sugar plays a role in the cause of
many modern illnesses and disorders.
Most people already suspect its effect
on children and adults who exhibit disruptive
behaviour and suffer learning disorders.
We have stated sugar is deleterious
to your health and it is a long term
chemical poison. Just what damage does
sugar do to the human body? The list is
* By far the leading cause of dental
deterioration – cavities in teeth, bleeding
gums, failure of bone structure, and
loss of teeth.
* The main cause of diabetes,
hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Sir Frederick
Banting, the co-discoverer of insulin,
noticed in 1929 in Panama that,
among sugar plantation owners who ate
large amounts of the refined stuff, diabetes
was common. Among native canecutters,
who only got to chew the raw
cane, he saw no diabetes.
* It is either a significant or contributory
cause of heart disease, arteriosclerosis,
mental illness, depression, senility,
hypertension, cancer.
* It has an extremely harmful effect...
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