No Sugar

Topics: Stereotype, Prejudice, Stereotypes Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: May 1, 2006
Davis' presentation of the social, realist, drama "No Sugar" can be considered as a forum to highlight the impacts of the European social and political philosophy of the early 20th century on Aboriginal society. It is a political text that exposes social issues. It expresses these issues using the form of drama and the use of staging conventions to challenge the audience into developing an opinion on the topics. The play was staged on a perambulant model, meaning that the action of the play shifts between several locations: There is the town of Northam with the Police Station and two Cells, the Main Street and the Government Well Aboriginal Reserve. Then there is The Moore River Native Settlement with the Superintendent's office, the Millimurra family's tent and the Aboriginal camp at Long Pool. There is also the Chief Protectors Office and the Western Australian Historical Society in Perth and an area by the railway line. This allows for diversification of a conventional stage setting or alternatively placeme

No Sugar challenges the prejudiced, negative stereotypes of Aborigines operating in a mainstream Australian society. Despite the Mullimurras' problems, they survive as a family with resourcefulness and dignity. Discuss this statement in relation to your reading of the play. The 1920s and 30s was a time of deep prejudice against the Aboriginals. They were put through an experiment by the Chief Protector of Aboriginals at that time, Mr. Neville who was trying to "breed out the Aboriginals for their best purposes". Aboriginals were taken from their home land - they were displaced from their homes and taken to white settlements. In No Sugar, Jack Davis introduces the Millumurra family who reside in Northam and were then moved to the Moore River Native Settlement. No Sugar is a play that is hard-hitting and realistic. As the sergeant says in Act One Scene Two, "I know exactly what they're like" - the mindset of people who tend to label others into...
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