Sugar in the 19th Hundreds, Problems?

Topics: Caribbean, Slavery, British Empire Pages: 4 (1544 words) Published: May 14, 2013
What is the reason for the abandonment of sugar plantations in the British West Indies in the 19th century? I am going to analyze and asses the reasons why sugar plantations were being abandoned by plantation owners in the 19th century? The main causes and the main effects. THIS DOES NOT BELONG HERE RATIONALE The abandonment of the Sugar plantations in the Caribbean leads to major changes and had a great effect on West Indian countries. So what caused sugar, a once thriving industry, to be abandoned? And what was the impact it had? data collected will assessed and analyzed to understand these effects, the causes and how they pertain to life in this century. CHAPTER 1 Introduction. Sugar cane was the main cash crop grown on numerous British, French and Spanish owned islands. Sugar was in high demand and was very profitable. But this industry needed labor and lots of it thus slavery was the cheapest and best source of labor they had. Plantation owners would buy slaves brought from Africa to work on their plantations. Plantation life in the 19th century was very hard, grueling labor, severe punishment and extensive exhaustion. Slaves worked for long periods of time in fields harvesting sugar, in factories producing sugar and the main house as workers (maids, butlers, and cooks ). The abandonment of sugar production was imminent to failure because of the ill treatment and over working. The United States was also a major factor in sugar abandonment, along with the feuded between British and the Spanish which lead to more problems. In my S.B.A I will asses these problems and the effects they had on both the economy and on the society. CHAPTER 2 Reasons for abandonment The abandonment of sugar plantations in the 19th century was caused by not only one factor but, it was caused by a collection of factors or a chain of events happening one after the other. Reasons for the abandoning of the sugar plantations started with the Emancipation of slaves, then from that event,...
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