sudsy soap

Topics: Dishware / Pages: 3 (1108 words) / Published: Dec 25th, 2014
Question 1: Assume that you are Frank Johnson’s assistant, and he asks you to look into various scheduling problems that might occur. List and discuss them.
First, extra time will be needed to put the dishes in the packages. How will this affect production schedules? How must production and delivery be altered to ensure that all geographic markets, including Hawaii (if it is to be included in the TV campaign), receive the same dish items in the same week? In addition, will packages have special printings that tell what type of dish they contain? If so, there will be problems coordinating the same dishes with the same packages.
Question 2: What packaging problems, if any, might there be?
Will one package hold all five dishes, or will some require a unique package size (which will rule out the proposal)? What external changes in printing on the package will be needed? Will the packages safely transport the dishes? Will the changed weight of packages have an impact on handling, or on transportation costs?
Question 3: Many firms selling consumer goods are concerned with problems of product liability. Does the dish offer present any such problems? If so, what are they? Can they be accommodated?
First, breakage. Who reimburses the customer, who pays for soap, and who discovers broken glassware inside? If there are delivery snags or supply problems, what responsibility is there to provide consumers with dishes they could not obtain during the promotion? Does the firm’s product liability insurance cover problems that may occur from the dinnerware promotion?
Question 4: Should the exterior of the Sudsy Soap package be altered to show what dish it contains? If so, who should pay for the extra costs?
The package should be altered externally to remind the customer of the promotion and indicate that there is a free item inside. Because the dish-maker gets free advertising from the soap packages, they should pay part of the costs. The splitting of

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