Subtle Constraints in Infinite Spaces

Topics: Operating system, Love, Human Pages: 2 (1047 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Subtle Constraints in Infinite Spaces
By Mary Rose Ann Serrona

What makes love real?
Ponder on that question. Does this transcend to the interrogative “what makes us human”? Love, as defined philosophically, appears in seven kinds of implicit bonds. One is to satisfy basic appetite. Human, on the other hand, is a being capable of reasoning, introspection, and philosophy. But the sentence itself also defines the soul. So what really is a human? Human differentiates the soul through physicality. Physicality limits us in so many ways in which soul doesn’t necessitate. Love, as defined personally and limitedly, is a feeling of exclusivity and being understood needless of our limited capabilities of truly understanding. “Her” the movie has left me thinking about a lot of questions about humanism. The story revolves around Theodore and Samantha’s unequivocally weird relationship. As the film starts, Theodore was introduced as a professional who writes letters for others, love letters to be specific. Theodore pours his hopeless romantic self into these love letters, although it sounds so ironic that he creates beautiful love letters to other people and he’s recently got divorced. In order to cope up with this loneliness that’s slowly eating him up, he engulfs himself into playing videogames and phonesex. Then he meets Samantha. Samantha, also known as OS1, is the first artificial intelligent operating system. He spent almost all of his time talking to Samantha. Samantha helps Theodore get out of the box he’s long imprisoned himself. Theodore thinks Samantha makes him feel better. While the latter is happening, Samantha also discovers she is capable of doing more. She discovers she also have wants. Samantha encounters selfhood. Although Samantha is only an operating system, she later discovers that she is capable of evolving. “Her” raises the question “Are non-biological creatures like Samantha capable of consciousness?”. Consciousness gives us the ability to...
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