Substitute Chapter 9 in the Other Side of Truth

Topics: Energy, Crying, Clearing Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: January 9, 2011
My Additional Chapter

“Are you done yet?” asked Machine Lady, in an unprofessional manner. Her eyes were glaring at Sade and Femi and it looked as if Machine Lady was going to swallow them up if they didn’t move any minute. Although Sade was startled inside, she tried her best not to show it. It was clear that Machine Lady was waiting for an answer. Sade cleared her throat and tried to make a sound. No sound came out. She tried again, giving more of an effort to do so. A sound came out and Machine Lady went tomato red. Sade felt embarrassed and it was obvious that she had said something wrong, or worse than that, something rude. She stuttered, however there was not anytime to say sorry, as Machine Lady took Sade and Femi by the collar and pulled them outside the café.

Femi was looking down towards the pavement was doing something which looked like crying. Nevertheless, Sade knew better than contradicting Femi on whether he was crying or not. He could not stand to be seen crying, and if he ever cried, it would be in Mama’s arms. They tried walking towards the flower stall that Mrs. Bankole was standing in with Mr Bad Temper. It was an attempt, and even though they were tired from the long plane journey. At a snail's pace, they walked on and on until they reached the flower stall. In reality, the flower stall was only a few metres away from the café, but to the children it felt like a million miles away. When they approached the stall, they could see three cases of luggage
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