Substance Abuse Bibliography

Topics: Child abuse, Drug addiction, Domestic violence Pages: 4 (1431 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Annotated Bibliography-Substance Abusing Adolescents
Afrah F. Hassan
Texas A&M University-Commerce

Victor C. Strasburger, MD, The Council on Communications and Media (2010) Children, Adolescents, Substance Abuse, and the Media pg. 791 -799 In the journal the author causes of adolescent substance use are multifactorial, but the media can play a key role. Tobacco and alcohol represent the 2 most significant drug threats to adolescents. More than $25 billion per year is spent on advertising for tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drugs, and such advertising has been shown to be effective. Digital media are increasingly being used to advertise drugs. In addition, exposure to PG-13– and R-rated movies at an early age may be a major factor in the onset of adolescent tobacco and alcohol use. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a ban on all tobacco advertising in all media, limitations on alcohol advertising, avoiding exposure of young children to substance-related (tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs) content on television and in PG-13– and R-rated movies, incorporating the topic of advertising and media into all substance abuse–prevention programs, and implementing media education programs in the classroom. Robert F. Marcusa & Eric G. Jamison IIa, (2012)Substance Use in Adolescence and Early Adulthood: Which Best Predicts Violence in Early Adulthood? Pg 38-57 The authors used tests which had contributions of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, PCP, and other illicit drugs to violence in early adulthood (e.g., took part in a gang fight, pulled a knife or gun, used a weapon in a fight, used a weapon to get something). The two main hypotheses were that well-known, non-substance abuse risk factors for violence in adolescence (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity, poverty, adolescent violence, school failure) would continue to elevate the risk for violence in early adulthood. Furthermore, substance use in early adulthood would...

Bibliography: Smith, Dana K. Johnson, Amber B. Pears, Katherine C. Fisher, Phillip A. DeGarmo, David S (2007) Child Maltreatment and Foster Care: Unpacking the Effects of Prenatal and Postnatal Parental Substance Use.
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