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ASSIGNMENT 1 – Subnet Design (10 Marks)

Team assignment (3 to 4 members in each team)

Deliverable: A neatly typed and stapled copy with the required information. The full names of team members should appear at the top of the front page. Marks will be deducted if the report does not follow the above stipulations.

Due date: Beginning of class week 5. One mark will be deducted if not turned in by deadline, and thereafter, an additional mark per each late day. No assignments will be accepted beyond 1 week from the due date.

In part 1 of the assignment, you will complete a fixed subnet design and in part 2, a variable subnet design.

Part 1: (4 marks)
A small business has four departments, Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, and Production. The network address assigned to the business is The company decides to have four subnets, one for each department, and uses fixed subnetting.

Find the following:

Number of subnet bits required:| |
Length of the address prefix or network-ID:| |
Length of address suffix or host-ID:| |
Subnet mask (in CIDR and dot decimal):| |
Block size:| |
Number of hosts per subnet:| |
Subnet Addresses(dot decimal)| Broadcast Addresses| First Host Address| Last Host Address| | | | |

Part 2: (6 marks)
A small business has five departments, Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, Production, and IT. The number of host addresses needed in each department is 25, 50, 12, 30, and 4, respectively. The network connecting the two routers needs two host addresses. The classful address assigned to the business is The physical topology of the network is as shown below:

Subnet X


Design the subnets using variable subnetting, and fill up the information in the tables below.

Name of Subnet | # of Host AddressesRequired| Length of Host-Id| Length of Subnet-ID...
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