Style and Structure of Beloved

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Colin Stone
10 September 2012
2.08B Style and Structure
Dr. Cooper
Beloved: Style and Structure

Toni Morison writes this novel on the idea that our present is tied to our past and that a shameful decision may come around to haunt us. Morison expands on this structure by using various devices such as flashbacks, storytelling, and different points of view. She uses fragmented changes between characters and their points of view. This allows the reader to fully comprehend the point that the writer is trying to make. The author displays storytelling when Beloved asks Denver to tell of her mother’s carrying of Denver herself, which builds on the fact that Sethe overcame many hardships just for freedom and safety and she still bares the scars from her past: both physical and mental. Flashback is used consistently throughout Morison’s work to provide the audience with a visual and emotional connection with the character. Sethe and Paul D share numerous flashbacks to their days at Sweet Home of the good and the horrible. Each recollection reveals more to the background of our main characters’ stories. This gives the reader insight on the perception of a character’s state.

Upon reading this novel, the audience encounters various points of views for each story or event told. For instance, Denver and her mother share different opinions of the ghost. The reader is able to see both views of the spirit and why they view it in that way. This method ties together well with the use of flashbacks to a character’s background and what caused them to approach the situation in that way and why it may differ from another.
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